Prof. dr Ioanna Batsialou

Prof. Dr. Ioanna Batsialou (Athens, 17 August 1971) is a Ph.D. of Medicine at University of Belgrade, Serbia. Specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, with a narrow sub-specialization in the field of aesthetic, anti-aging medicine, mesotherapy, preventive and regenerative medicine. Medical Director and owner of the Specialist Medical Office for Rehabilitation, Regenerative and Preventive Medicine IOANNA REGEN in Belgrade, Serbia.

Prof. Dr. Ioanna Batsialou is one of the most respected doctors in non-operative aesthetic medicine, mesotherapy and anti-aging medicine in Europe.


Born on August 17, 1971 in Greece, where she completed primary and secondary school, and graduated from the Medical Faculty of the University of Belgrade in 1997. She was one of the first doctors in Serbia to start practicing mesotherapy and to this day is the biggest expert in the field of aesthetic, antiaging, preventive and regenerative medicine in our region. After her first master's degree and numerous specializations, she obtained her doctorate at the age of 32 and obtained the title of Doctor of Medical Sciences in 2003. After her doctoral studies, Prof. Dr. Ioanna Batsialou completed two more masters at the Faculty of Medicine in Paris and the Faculty of Medicine in Rome in the field of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine.

Professional development

In Serbia and around the world, Prof. Dr. Ioanna Batsialou has obtained over 50 different certificates and diplomas from prestigious schools and universities. She is also a regular participant and lecturer at numerous relevant congresses in the field of aesthetic, regenerative and anti-aging medicine. In Paris, she subspecialized in all areas of mesotherapy - for painful rheumatic conditions and post-rheumatic conditions, aesthetic and dermatological changes. In parallel with training in France, 2006-2007, she completed a sub-specialization in anti-aging medicine in Belgium, and received a diploma of International master course in anti-aging, as well as recognition as an extra-expert in mesotherapy and aesthetic non-operative procedures. She is a professor at the High School of Health Studies in Belgrade, but also an international instructor for mesotherapy, botulinum toxin, mesococktails, Revitacare fillers, Revanesse and Teoxan fillers. She is a respected member of the World Association of Anti-Aging Medicine - World Society of Interdisciplinary Anti-Aging Medicine (WOSIAM).

In addition to working throughout the Republic of Serbia and Greece, Prof. Dr. Ioanni Batsialou is also trusted by patients in Switzerland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Great Britain and many other countries. In 2021 she was the Educational lecturer at the World Congress of Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine in Monaco (AMWC).

Professional work

Prof. Dr. Ioanna Batsialo today can boast of decades of professional work. More than 20 years of work in over 10 cities in the region and the world, prof. Dr. Ioanna has a successful medical practice and satisfied patients. In addition to being a specialist doctor - consultant at many successful clinics, prof. Dr. Ioanna is the owner, medical director and now a recognizable, independent brand as her name is the definition of knowledge, expertise and love for patients.

For years, the office of Prof. Dr. Ioannehas been gathering together a team of top experts from Serbia and abroad – physicians specialists: cardiology, endocrinology, dermatology, soft surgery and plastic surgery, anesthesiologists, child surgery, geneticists, diet therapists, specialists in cosmetology and physical medicine in order to create a unique and revolutionary, multidisciplinary approach to health and beauty.

Celebrity clients

Prof. Dr. Ioanna Batsialou is the chosen doctor of aesthetic medicine for a large number of well-known people in the Republic of Serbia and countries in the region. During more than 20 years of work, celebrities on the public stage in all industries have left their beauty and health in her hands, such as Seka Sablić, Verica Rakočević, Nataša Ninković, Olivera Balašević, Dajana Paunović, Suzana Mančić, Mirjana Karanović, Nemanja Velikić and many others...

Charity work

In addition to a significant career and numerous awards in the field of aesthetic medicine, Prof. Dr. Ioanna Batsialou is a great benefactor and contributor. Se is the initiator of a humanitarian action with the organization NURDOR. She is also a donor to many other organizations, institutions and associations, and some of them are:

Awards and honors

In addition to her great dedication and love for her work and patients, and her advocacy for the application of anti-aging medicine in the service of healthy aging, Prof. Dr. Ioanna Batsialou is a mother, wife, philanthropist and recipient of the Order of the Church.

Prof. Dr. Ioanna is also the ktetor of:

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