ReGenerate regenerative therapy

ReGenerate is a personalized program that includes modern therapies of aesthetic and regenerative medicine for the ultimate anti-aging effect of the face and body, for rejuvenation, general health and skin improvement.Also, ReGen program therapies can regenerate the inside of the body, rejuvenate and preserve biological age.

The program lasts for 3 months, with one therapy per month recommended, depending on the skin condition. Therapies can be applied independently such as mesolift, regenerative boosters, hyaluronic fillers, meso botox, meso-threads and dermatological lasers, or combined for a comprehensive approach and personalized skin care.

The goal is to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin of the patient's face and body. Also, in healthy patients, the preventive measures of the ReGenerate program improve the entire state of the body, nurture vitality, prevent or delay illness and enable dignified and beautiful aging.