Refresh regenerative therapy

ReFresh is a personalized program intended for quick and efficient recovery of the body due to great effort or a stressful period. It is ideal for the recovery of the organism, with patients who are exposed to great stress in specific life situations, whether private or business.

Combined therapy includes a strong infusion, i.e. a personalized multivitamin cocktail prepared based on the condition of the patient's organism, which instantly gives energy and strength for further life duties; facial exfoliation, massage, face mask according to the need and condition of the patient's skin, along with facial, neck and décolletage hydration treatment and CLEO 24K LED mask with infrared light therapy.

The goal of the ReFresh program is to regenerate and rest the body in a short period of time, extremely quickly and efficiently, but also to refresh and rejuvenate the face and body - for the general recovery of the face and body.